My Sunday Morning Haze (Hangover!)

I’m lying on the sofa as I clumsily type this out on my iPad, recovering from yesterday evening’s binge. So much for not keeping to my resolution at the beginning of the this year – not drinking at home.

You see, yesterday was the FA cup final – Hull vs Arsenal, and even though I’m not the biggest football fan, I still watch and enjoy the finals & tournaments.

So there I was yesterday, rushing around the kitchen like a man possessed. Busily trying to get my home made curry ready before kick off.  Curry, beer & the FA Cup, it can’t get much better than that really.

I awoke, and as soon as I got out of bed, I said to myself “that’s it, no more.”  Somehow, I don’t think I will be keeping to that resolution, especially when my birthday is only two or three weeks away.

Enjoy your Sunday everyone :-)

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How Many?

This is just a short post asking how many of my fellow WordPress bloggers have more than one blog?  The reason I am asking is that I am thinking of starting another blog, but about holidays/travel.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Top Of The Class

Since March, I have been somewhat preoccupied with doing my written assignments for the English course that I have been studying.  Writing them has been a challenge, but to my complete & utter surprise I have gained high marks throughout.  Last week, I got the highest mark in my group for the final written assessment, which has made me think perhaps about what I really want to do.  When I get there folks I will let you know.

I also believe that in a lot of ways, the reason I have done so well is because of the tutor.  Since I started this course last year, she has been so positive and encouraged us all.  In fact, her enthusiasm for English has rubbed off with everyone in the class, which is why we all did so well I think.

The other thing that has made the course so enjoyable has been the class itself, as everyone has been so positive.  I think in most groups you get the odd person that seems to be negative, or just purely grates everyone around them, but this hasn’t been the case with my group.  I consider myself to be very lucky & extremely grateful, as I have  gained some new friends in the process since I started, and we plan to go out together during Easter for a drink or ten lol.

On a completely different note, I have decided that I will start a second Blog.  For a while now, I have wanted to put together a travel blog as I am planning a backpacking holiday in the next couple of years, and I really want to put my travel adventures on my blog site.  Because, let’s face it, we all love reading about travelers adventures to far away places.

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The First Day Of spring

Well, today is the first day of spring.

First Day Of Spring 2


A new day for planting seeds, idea’s, and projects.

First Day Of Spring 1


In the next couple of weeks I will write a longer post about what has been happening in my life, and how some of my resolutions have been going.

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Just Published: A Complete Photography 101 Guide

The Daily Post

Here’s another free ebook to add to your virtual bookshelf: Photography 101: The Basics of Photography and the Power of Visual Storytelling.

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My Resolutions For 2014

I was going to do this post at the beginning of January, but as usual things got in the way, so without further ado here are my plans for this year:

Get a job – I set this resolution as a priority for this year.

Move into new home – Again this is another priority, as I am desperate to move because of the most awful people that are my so called neighbours. When the time is right I will do a post about my experiences with bad neighbours, and hopefully how to deal with it.

Work on my self esteem – This is the last of my priority resolutions, and to be honest one of the most important. I have really good confidence, but there are times when I really don’t feel that good about myself.

Tidy up around myself – Don’t really have to explain this one as At times my place looks like a bomb site lol.

Start planning/writing my first novel – I have already started doing this, and it’s going to be a fun thing to do I think.

CBT – For those that don’t know, CBT means Compulsory Basic Training for a first time motorbike rider. To cut a long story short I will have to do redo my CBT again sometime this year to ride a bike up to 125cc.

I have kept my 2014 resolutions a bit more basic, as last year the goals I wanted to reach we’re too high, especially as I was/am out of work. I will do an update on how am getting on with them, but also I am trying a different strategy on how I can achieve my goals for this year.
There are a couple more to add on here, but they are more of a personal nature, but I might share them as and when I feel it would be more appropriate.

Oh! and a Happy 2014 to you all on WordPress.

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Thank You

I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone that has made my experience on here such a joy.  So a massive thank you for the comments, follows, and likes over the past year. Out of all the other blogging sites that I have set up (and deleted), it has been the WordPress community which has given me the encouragement as a new writer/blogger to carry on with this.

Have a great 2014.

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